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HMM Company started its operations in 1999. Since the beginning, it specializes in interior furnishings. Based on the Polish capital and thanks to customer care, co-operation with honest suppliers and sensitivity to the still changing market, we are constantly strengthening our position in the sector. In 2007, following the spirit of time, we expanded our activity to on-line sales. Our e-shop can be found here: http://gardidekor.pl. At the same time, we also started the wholesale of wallpapers through the direct import from Germany and China, which allowed us to provide the specialized shops in Poland with this assortment. In 2009, we became a certified provider of wallpapers to the chain of DYI supermarkets Bricomarche.

The stability of our company and constant development allowed for making the next step forward. In 2010, we expanded our sales market to the wholesales of curtain rods and shutters in Germany and soon after that, we established on-line sales in Germany. Our expansion made us to change our localization. In 2013, we bought the industrial area with warehouses near Syców and built a functional office building. Since that moment, our headquarter is here: Działosza 34 D 56-500 Syców. In order to keep our good market position, we are still expanding our products on offer. In 2014, we started to import directly carpets from Turkey. Two years later, we started to import and sell high quality gummed footcloths of Greek origin. In 2018, we expanded our assortment to the doormats of Belgian origin, which we import directly. Currently, we are rebuilding our company, to make sure that the housing conditions meet the requirement of constantly expanding operations. On the area of the company, we are building a new storage hall and the office building of 1500m2. This investment will give our company the new possibilities of development, allow for the growth of sales and make our offer more attractive. Our advantage is a broad and modern offer of a high quality, which guarantees our stable market position for many years. If we add to that the good logistic and professional staff, we get the result, which we care about the most – customer satisfaction. Caring about the customer, we co-operate only with honest subcontractors and a good job, timeliness and financial stability are good forecast for our future. We are the company focused on development and long-term co-operation with our partners and clients.